Olive's Place Story November 11, 2018 10:31

I have always had a love for birds.  One of my earliest memories is of a little blue parakeet landing on our roof.  We adopted the lost budgie, and have had birds ever since.  As an adult looking for a way to give back, I interned at Farm Sanctuary and learned about caring for birds in a sanctuary setting.  Later, I began volunteering as a wildlife rehabilitator.  One day I was given a fallen dove nest with a newly hatched chick - who I named Olive (and another egg about to hatch - her brother Trevor).  While Trevor grew up perfectly healthy, Olive had lingering problems, and despite the efforts of a wonderful avian vet, we weren't able to save her.  Olive's Place is named in her memory.


As I continued to work with wildlife, I recognized a gaping hole in the animal rescue community.  While dogs and cats have many shelters and resources, birds have far fewer options. Furthermore, pigeons and doves are usually excluded from parrot-centered bird rescues, and because they are not all native, they don't necessarily fall under "wildlife" rescue.  Farmed animal sanctuaries don't generally include them either.  Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Adoptions, a rescue based in CA, provided inspiration, encouragement, and a network of help.  I found my niche, and Olive's Place was hatched!

In 2014, we began renovating a shed on our property.  We moved several tons of soil and designed and built two aviaries connected to the building.  That summer, we welcomed our first 6 resident pigeons.  We are grateful for grants from the Microsanctuary Movement, which allowed us to make additional improvements and build a third aviary so that I could have space to continue helping wild doves.  We are always looking for great homes for our sanctuary birds - pigeons and doves make great companions!