Sample Adoption Contract November 11, 2018 10:27

I ask my adopters/fosters to sign an agreement when they take pigeons or doves into their care.  This acknowledges that they understand how to care for the birds, and will return the birds to Olive's Place in the event that the arrangement doesn't work out.  Your contract will include information about your specific birds, and any additional details we need to add - including a more detailed care sheet for your birds.  My adoption fees are normally $20 per bird, but I am more concerned with adopters investing in good food and housing for their new pets.

Adoption Contract – Olive’s Place Dove & Pigeon Sanctuary

Contact:  Ashley Dietrich {phone number}

I ask all adopters to sign this simple contract that confirms you understand how to care for the birds, and if the adoption doesn't work out for any reason (or a bird is sick or injured and you cannot provide vet care) you will notify Ashley and make arrangements to return them to Olive's Place as soon as possible.  Minors require a cosigner. My priority is that the birds AND adoptive family are happy and comfortable - and have all the information needed. I am always available to help or answer questions. 

Birds Adopted:  

Date transferred: 

The undersigned adopter(s) understand and agree to comply with the following terms, including the attached list of specific care instructions:

Daily Care

Pigeons require a predator-proof aviary with adequate shelter from the elements and/or a safe indoor cage and supervised out-of-cage time.  Pigeons will require fresh water and seed every day, and keep their habitat clean (at least one cleaning per week). They like baths, so please provide a shallow dish of water a few times per week. Caged indoor birds need at least a few hours per week to come out of cage (indoors) and fly / wander. The more time you spend with them (even watching TV or sitting around), the more tame they will be. For households with other pets (cats, dogs, etc), birds are not ever to be allowed out of the cage unless other pets are in a separate space (behind closed doors) - for their safety.  Birds should never be taken outside without a cage or secure harness.  Checking for eggs and replacing with fakes is an important twice-weekly task, to ensure no accidental hatching.  The adopter agrees to prevent breeding.

Vet/Emergency Care

All adopters should locate an avian vet knowledgeable in pigeon care, in advance, to have ready in case of illness or injury.  If you cannot afford vet care, the bird must be returned to Olive’s Place immediately so that he/she can get treatment ASAP.  I am available to consult on any health issues.  Birds often hide illness until the issue is very serious, so it is crucial to treat problems immediately.


Adopters are responsible taking care of the birds' daily needs, for the lifetime of the bird.   If adopters are unable to provide care or choose to give up ownership for any reason, the birds must be returned to Olive’s Place .   


I agree to these terms.  (Please sign and date) 

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