Portraits & Custom Orders

PLEASE NOTE:  Custom requests are currently OPEN until November 1, and availability after that will depend on my current workload.  Custom requests will close in November and be available again by February 2023.

Birds are my specialty! 

The possibilities are limitless to create a personal, unique artwork featuring your beloved pet bird or favorite avian species.  Request a traditional bird painting, or pieces featuring a saint with halo, nesting family, gold leafing, sacred heart, archways, crowns, patterned backgrounds, florals, or any embellishments - created especially for you.   There are many examples to view in the collections of current and past works. 

RATES: Project minimum is $200.

Custom Process:

* Browse past and current works to get an idea of the available styles and options.  

*  Email artist Ashley Dietrich at canvasdove@gmail.com with your budget and ideas of how you'd like your piece to look - including size range,  background, framing, etc.   Also send photos if it's a pet bird portrait.  Feel free to reference past works you like or include additional photos explaining your request. 

*  Project details will be discussed, quoted, and a sketch created.  

*  Upon approval of the sketch, a 50% deposit listing will be set up for you to purchase.

*  Usually within 2 weeks, you'll receive photos of the nearly-complete painting before the final details are added.  At this point, minor alterations can be made - but major changes increase the cost of your project.

*  Upon your approval of the finished painting, the 50% balance listing will be set up for you to purchase, then the painting will be varnished and shipped.  

Gift Orders: 

* Upon request, artwork can be gift-wrapped and sent directly to a recipient (USA only) and a gift note printed.  Please make this known when making your custom request.  It's also a good idea to let the receiver know that a package is on the way.