In the Catacombs

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In the Catacombs.  A barn owl perches under a crumbling archway, white face vividly standing out ghost-like against pitch black.  Owls are paradoxically symbolic of wisdom, but dwell in darkness.   Gold is associated with illumination. The owl sits on a precipice between two realms, peering out of darkness, into light.  The crackled patina of the deteriorating architectural elements of this painting and the frame are a reminder of time and impermanence.

This highly detailed piece is part of my series of stylized and embellished bird portraits, which investigate the concept of veneration and encourage the viewer to contemplate the value we place on individual animal lives.

SIZE: painting is 9x12, frame measures 15x18 inches

MEDIA: acrylic painting on panel, varnished, framed.  Ready to display, with hanging wire attached.


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