Olive's Place is always looking for adopters to place our birds in good homes!  

Adoption Requirements:

1. Either own your residence or have permission from landlord to have pets.  It is also important that other members of the household are supportive of adding a pet.  Minors require a parent/guardian cosigner.

2. Have appropriate caging and food, and be willing and able to provide for the needs of the bird (see more details in "Doves as Pets" and "Pigeons as Pets" sections).  

3.  Have an avian vet chosen in advance, and be willing and able to take the bird to the vet if needed.

4. Keep your dove/pigeon separate at all times from cats, dogs, and other species that could harm a pigeon or dove.  

5.  Be aware that pigeons and doves can live to be over 30, and are a long-term commitment.

6  If adopters are unable to provide care or choose to give up ownership for any reason, the birds are to be returned to Olive’s Place .

7.  I ask my adopters/fosters to sign an agreement when they take pigeons or doves into their care.  This acknowledges that they understand how to care for the birds, and will return the birds to Olive's Place in the event that the arrangement doesn't work out.  Your contract will include information about your specific birds, and any additional details we need to add - including a more detailed care sheet for your birds. 

8.  Adoption fees are normally $20 per bird.  This does not begin to cover sanctuary costs, but we ask a small fee to ensure that we are not offering "free" animals.