Olive's Place Dove and Pigeon Sanctuary Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit located near Tulsa, OK.  We take in birds who are domestic or unreleasable and provide a home for as long as they need it.  We offer advice on bird care, including how to build a safe aviary.   Donations go toward daily expenses such as food and vet care, as well as maintenance of aviaries and cages.  We work hard to make every penny stretch, in order to be efficient and help as many birds as possible.  Thank you for your generosity!

But Art / Help Birds 

We also fundraise for the birds via art sales - you can shop for fine art paintings here.  100% of profits from artwork sold is used for the sanctuary.


You can choose Olive's Place to receive a percentage of the funds for items you sell, via eBay charity - and you can bid at our store, art4thebirds where we occasionally list items.

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