Intake Policy

We are located in Sand Springs OK - if you need help for a dove or pigeon, read below:

* If you catch a domestic or injured pigeon with immediate needs, make sure the bird is contained and safe first - then contact us (also send a photo).  We do not have volunteers to catch birds.  

* DO NOT try to raise a baby bird or "fix" a bird yourself. Delaying proper care even by a day can make it impossible to reverse what is wrong. Sick and injured birds need immediate expert diagnosis and treatment. Growing juveniles have species-specific nutritional needs and social requirements. We cannot take a bird once she is imprinted on humans, as often happens when people DIY.  Imprinted pigeons/doves cannot survive in the wild and are a 20+ year commitment.

* We are always happy to give advice, but we can't always take in a bird. There are more birds in need than we can help. We won't take on more residents than we can sustainably provide for.  It's a matter of space, manpower and financial restrictions.

* Email or message via FB.

* According to our bylaws and licensing, we ONLY work with pigeons and doves.  For all other wildlife in the Tulsa area, contact WING IT at 918-508-9607


Unless you have an explicit agreement otherwise with Olive's Place, placing animal(s) into our care transfers responsibility and guardianship/ownership of the animal(s) to Olive's Place.  As a formality, we ask anyone dropping off a bird to please review and sign the form below, to avoid any possible confusion:


Once surrendered to Olive's Place Dove & Pigeon Sanctuary Inc, bird(s) cannot be taken back by the previous owner or finder.  Olive's Place reserves the sole right to make all decisions for the health and safety of the bird(s), including but not limited to: housing, diet, vet care, and future transfers to other organizations or individuals.  By transferring the bird(s) listed below, you agree to give up all contact with them and all control of decisions on their behalf.  Olive's Place may, at our discretion, provide updates and/or photos of surrendered birds, but we are not obligated to do so.  In the case of injured adult wildlife, we may ask permission to re-release the bird back to the location at which they were found.  We encourage finders to follow our social media pages for updates.  Olive's Place complies with all state and federal regulations.  Wildlife cannot be adopted, and are illegal for unlicensed individuals to possess.

description of bird(s) transferred: __________________________

name and date: __________________________


Olive's Place does not always have space and availability to accept pet surrenders - this varies based on the situation and our current caseload.  If an opening isn't available, you may request to be placed on our waiting list.  If you want to include Olive's Place in your estate planning to pre-arrange placement for your pet doves/pigeons, contact us.

Pet surrenders require an additional signed form, and information will be collected about the bird's history so that we can provide the best care.  If you surrender a pet bird, and after 6 months your bird is still under Olive's Place care, at that point you may apply to adopt the bird with the following conditions: you will be required to follow all steps and guidelines that any other adopter must follow, and you will be required to pay the following:

1. Boarding fee for the time the bird was under Olive's Place care, starting at the date of surrender. Rate is $20 per week, per bird.

2. All vet (and travel) expenses incurred.

3. Standard adoption fee for the bird.