Sanctuary Information

The sanctuary is currently not accepting new intakes.

We ONLY work with doves and pigeons!

View our Bird Help Basics page for detailed information about common situations doves and pigeons are found in.  This page covers the vast majority of questions people ask, and includes suggestions about how to find other resources and rescues.  


We are happy to provide advice and answer behavior, diet, and wellness questions to anyone willing to learn and make improvements for their birds.  Guides to care can be found here: DOVES /// PIGEONS 

If you want to include Olive's Place in your estate planning to pre-arrange placement for your pet doves/pigeons, contact us to discuss your birds and ask if we are able to reserve future space.  When requesting a pet surrender, expedite the process by sending photos and listing all information you have about the bird, including:  age, gender, health conditions, known history, etc.  When rehoming a pet, please do due diligence, ask questions, and thoroughly investigate potential homes.  If Olive's Place suggests another resource, be aware that we do not endorse or certify any potential homes or other rescues, and it is up to the owner to determine safe placement.

Other Policies

Unless you have an explicit written agreement otherwise with Olive's Place, placing birds into our care transfers responsibility and guardianship/ownership of the birds to Olive's Place.  We reserve the sole right to make all decisions for the health and safety of the birds, including but not limited to: housing, diet, vet care, and future transfers.  In the case of injured adult wildlife, we may ask permission to re-release the bird back to the location at which they were found.  Olive's Place complies with all state and federal regulations.  Wildlife is illegal for unlicensed individuals to possess unless en route to place the animal in licensed care.  

What We Don't Do

Olive's Place is not trained, licensed, or equipped to work with species other than pigeons/doves, under any circumstances - and does not have the knowledge or resources to reply to messages about other animals.  We are unable to search for and catch birds, or transport rescues from far away.  We do not remove "nuisance" animals.  We do not investigate cruelty and neglect situations.  We do not purchase, sell, ship, or breed birds.  Olive's Place is an independent entity and not affiliated formally with other organizations or individuals. We do not receive public funding, and are not employed by any agency.  We work solely on behalf of the birds we serve.


View the Bird Help Basics page for answers to most common pigeon/dove issues before emailing.  If that page doesn't answer your question, send a photo along with a detailed explanation of the situation to: