Annunciation Swallows

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Annunciation Swallows, featuring a scene derived from Christian religious canon.  I used this familiar imagery to depict a swallow with open beak, swooping toward a demure perched swallow, both with gold halos.  They symbolize the archangel Gabriel visiting Mary.  This painting features metallic gold columns in and a blue cloudy sky background behind the birds, with imagery reminiscent of these depictions.  The frame is wood and metallic gold with patina-style accents.

This highly detailed piece is part of my series of stylized and embellished bird portraits, which investigate the concept of veneration and encourage the viewer to contemplate the value we place on individual animal lives.

SIZE: painting is 8.5 x 11.5 inches, frame measures 13 x 16 inches

MEDIA: acrylic painting on panel, varnished, framed.  Ready to display, with wire hanger attached.


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