Exotic Animal Portraits

$ 100.00

Portrait painting of your lizard, frog, snake, turtle, or other exotic pet - or your favorite wild animal. My portraits can be formal and traditional, casual, or as over-the-top as you prefer.

BASE RATES: single animal, plain background, unframed flat panel or 3/4" cradled panel.  This provides a ballpark idea of cost, but each project is individually based on your animal's color/pattern, photo quality, and other variables.  5x5 $65 // 5x7 $75 /// 8x10 $150  ///  9x12 $200  /// 11x14 or 12x12 $300

OPTIONS: Details make all the difference!  Request ornate backgrounds, framing, other sizes, or additional animals - even embellishments like gold halo / crown / sacred heart. 

SHIPPING: USA orders ship for free  ///  INTERNATIONAL - request a quote

Custom Process: Send me photos and let me know what size/background/framing you are interested in.  We'll work together to plan the perfect portrait within your budget.  Photos must be clear and crisp, and show the animal's shape and colors accurately.  I ask for a 50% deposit before beginning, with the remainder billed upon your approval of the finished piece. Orders are usually complete within a week or two, depending on my schedule.