Passenger Pigeon Pair

$ 325.00

Painting of a pair of Passenger Pigeons, male and female.  This composition features the pair in an elegant pose with vines and white flowers wrapped around the edges of the bubble canvas.  Set in a dark neutral round frame.  The Passenger Pigeon, Ectopistes migratorius - is an extinct bird species which was once very numerous across the USA.  The double portrait my re-imagining of how the lost birds would have appeared, based on a study of museum specimens, old photos, and written accounts.  The famous Martha, last of her kind, perished in a zoo in 1914.  

SIZE: painting is 12 inches, outside of frame is 16 inches diameter

MEDIA: acrylic on convex bubble canvas, varnished, framed.  Hanger attached for wall mounting.


International Shipping:  unavailable