Custom Orders

Custom requests (birds only) are currently closed.  This page will be updated when requests are open again.

Custom paintings can be portraits from your photos, or an idea based on a bird species, in which case I can source references.  Projects generally take 2-6 weeks to complete, depending on my schedule. Please email instead of using IG/FB messaging or post comments for project inquiries. 

Custom Process:

The first step is to submit a request to with the information on the list below.  I will respond with project proposals, including quotes.  At that point you can choose an option or we might need to discuss your details further.  Some orders will require a 50% deposit.  When your piece is nearly complete, I’ll send photos for approval and minor adjustments before varnishing.  Please note that any extras you want to add after the initial agreed proposal will incur extra cost, and there are some changes that cannot be made at the end stage of the process.  Upon approval of the final pictures, I create a listing for you to purchase, and then ship the piece.  

Your request for a custom project MUST include the following:

  1. Size(s) you’re considering
  2. Frame color/style (or specify no frame)
  3. Overall idea: bird species, pose, background, etc.  Please include color preferences.
  4. Any details you want, such as embellishments, patterns, greenery or florals, halo, sacred heart, archways, etc.
  5. Budget range – I can’t create proposals unless there is a budget to work with, as this will determine what is possible for the project. View the “Classical Bird Paintings” section for an idea of costs for different sizes and styles. Rates start at 150 for a 5x7 headshot.  An 8x10 would start at 250-300.
  6. IF your request is a portrait, send large clear pictures of your bird. The quality of your photos will determine if I can do the project or not – so make sure to include the best photos you have that represent your bird accurately.  A link to an album or social media is great if you have a lot of images.  (For deceased dove/pigeon portraits only, I’m familiar enough with these species to work with lesser-quality images if there is no other option -so just let me know what you have to work with.)

Feel free to include a screenshot of my artworks if needed.

International requests - include your country and postal code for a shipping quote.  Some sizes cannot ship abroad.

I cannot respond to requests that are missing information, so please make sure you’ve covered all the relevant items above!  I really do need all that info to come up with an idea you'll like without just guessing - otherwise it takes too long to follow up and keep track of incomplete requests.