Meet the Flock

Here are a few of our colorful characters.  While we love and appreciate everyone in the flock, there are a few ambassadors we'd like you to meet!  (Please note that none of these birds are looking for a home - they are permanent residents of the sanctuary.) We'll be adding more photos and stories...

Wyatt is our resident grump.  He was a wild pigeon who lost part of a wing, was saved by a wildlife rescue, and transferred here.  He suffered sudden paralysis and fought through persistent digestive issues, and now lives indoors.  Despite a funny walk and scaring us with his habit of lounging sprawled upside-down, Wyatt does just fine.  He wants things to be just so, and will grumble if you fall short of his expectations.  His favorite treat, organic raw unsalted sunflower hearts, must be served each evening.

Emmy Loo Coo is the best art studio assistant.  Emmy was raised from a hatchling by a wildlife rehabber and joined our dove flock.  She is curious and good-natured.  Wasn't she the cutest baby?

Fenimore is our medical marvel.  She arrived as a squab, abandoned on a sidewalk after a poultry show.  Over the next few months she remained overweight and failed to develop adult characteristics (pigeons usually grow up very fast).  Dr Nic and the vet team at OSU were finally able, after many tests, to diagnose her as the first pigeon in medical literature presenting with primary hypothyroidism.  She requires a daily (apple-banana flavored) medicine for life, but is otherwise a healthy, sassy pigeon.

Reese is the sweetest, cutest, cuddliest pigeon girl.  She likes to sit in her collection of fancy donuts, which are comfortable for her wonky leg.  When not nest-sitting, she can always be found nearby, ready to snuggle, watch movies, help fold laundry, or forage for treats.