About Us

Olive's Place is a 501c3 nonprofit dove and pigeon sanctuary located near Tulsa, OK.  We provide rehabilitation and homes to pigeons and doves in need.  

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Sanctuary History

Olive's Place was founded in 2014 and became a 501c3 nonprofit in 2019.  After a lifetime of having birds as pets and as an adult looking for a way to give back, our director Ashley interned at Farm Sanctuary and learned about caring for birds in a sanctuary setting.  Afterwards, she began volunteering as a wildlife rehabilitator.  One day a fallen dove nest with a newly hatched chick arrived - who she named Olive (and another egg about to hatch - her brother Trevor).  While Trevor grew up healthy, Olive had lingering problems, and despite the efforts of a wonderful avian vet, we weren't able to save her.  Olive's Place is named in her memory.


As Ashley continued to work with wildlife, she recognized a gap in the animal rescue community.  While dogs and cats have shelters and government-funded resources, birds have far fewer options.  Pigeons and doves are usually excluded from farmed animal sanctuaries and parrot-centered bird rescues, and because they are not all native, they don't necessarily fall under "wildlife" rescue.  These birds deserved help, and Olive's Place was hatched!

In 2014, we began renovating a shed on our property. We moved several tons of soil and designed and built two aviaries connected to the building. That summer, we welcomed our first 6 resident pigeons. We are grateful for grants from the Microsanctuary Movement, which allowed us to make additional improvements and build another aviary, as well as cover some medical costs. Investments such as streamlined indoor caging and the purchase of an oxygen unit and standard medications are helping us serve birds even more effectively.


I found a lost/injured bird. What do I do?

Please describe the situation and send photos. If a bird is clearly injured or is tame / banded, catch immediately and put in a padded carrier in a safe place indoors.  (Tame doves and pigeons do not have survival skills - and need help, in the same way a lost puppy or kitten would.)  We are able to accept birds in if captured, but do not have volunteers available to catch birds. We are located near Sand Springs, OK.  View the Local Help page for more detailed information.

I need to find a home for a pet dove/pigeon.  Can you help?

Due to limitations of funds and space, we cannot always take in birds. Please send photos and describe the bird and the situation in detail, and we will help if possible - either by taking them in, adding them to our waiting list, or recommending other current resources or potential adopters. Please note we ONLY work with doves and pigeons and are located near Sand Springs, OK.  

Can people visit the sanctuary?

Olive's Place is operated first and foremost for the well-being of the birds who live here. As a sanctuary and private residence, it is not open to the public. However, it is possible to request a 20-30 minute tour and Q & A. We ask for a minimum donation of $20 per tour, and can accommodate up to 8 people at a time. Special free tours can be scheduled for school groups, scout troops, etc. Tours do not involve handling or petting the birds.  

How can someone help, donate, or volunteer?

If you have items to donate, please email pictures and a description to canvasdove@gmail.com  -  Our residents have specific needs for food and caging, but we can always use things like clean white linens and paper towels, blue Dawn, bleach, and dye/scent-free liquid detergent.  Due to time needed to train, local volunteers would need to be willing to come at least monthly.

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