About Us

Olive's Place Dove & Pigeon Sanctuary Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit near Tulsa, Oklahoma.   


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Instagram: @olives_place

Email:  canvasdove@gmail.com - Please scroll through this page for answers before contacting!

Current Status 

Olive's Place is not able to take new birds - but can make some exceptions for elderly or disabled birds.  Spaces are reserved for only un-releasable/disabled feral pigeons and elderly pigeons.   For doves, the dove room is at capacity and could only accommodate doves who are 20+ years old AND showing verifiable signs of age such as cataracts, arthritis, etc.  Limits and specific intake policies are in place to ensure that all birds at the sanctuary receive high quality care.  Please do not contact to ask for other resources - we don't maintain a list.

I found a bird. What do I do?

Visit the Bird Help Basics page for help with a found bird


When requesting a placement, send photos (required) and list all information you have about the bird, including: age, gender, health conditions, known history, etc.  Also include your general location and confirm that you are willing to transport the bird to meet in the Sand Springs Oklahoma area.

When rehoming birds, please exercise due diligence to ask questions and thoroughly investigate potential placements.  People use pigeons in very cruel ways, such as cutting their wings and using them to train hunting dogs - and of course they won't be honest about their intentions.  People also use them for ceremonial "dove" release, setting them loose outside even though a domesticated pigeon/dove raised in captivity has no survival skills. We do not vouch for any homes or other rescues, and it is up to the owner to determine safe placement.

If you want to include Olive's Place in your estate planning to arrange placement for your pet doves/pigeons, contact us to request future space - do not designate Olive's Place as caretaker of your birds without pre-approval and a written agreement.

Placing birds into our care transfers responsibility and guardianship/ownership of the birds to Olive's Place.  We reserve the sole right to make all decisions for the health and safety of the birds.

Care Guides:

care information for DOVES 
care information for PIGEONS 


Our History

Founder/director Ashley has a life-long love for birds.  She interned at a sanctuary and spent over a decade as a volunteer wildlife rehabber.  Pigeons and doves are often excluded from shelters, farmed animal sanctuaries, and parrot-centered bird rescues - and they don't always get help via wildlife rehab.  Olive's Place was named after a special dove, and created to dedicate resources to these underserved and very deserving birds.  

Our Mission

Olive's Place was founded to provide a safe haven for pigeons and doves, especially those with extra needs.  Pigeons are descended from domesticated birds and thrive in captivity with an aviary flock environment if given ample space.  They are incredibly resilient and cope well with disabilities when provided modifications.  Every bird here is treated as an important individual, and receives personalized attention and a high standard of care.  While there are more birds in need than we have the capacity to take in, we have committed to offering the best quality of life possible, providing our flock with plenty of space, clean enclosures, good food, and medical care.  We will always help as many birds as we can while maintaining sustainability.  A core element of the mission is also to inspire admiration for these birds and encourage micro-sanctuaries and rescuers to help doves and pigeons.

Can I visit?

Olive's Place is operated for the well-being of the birds who live here. As a sanctuary and private residence, it is not open to the public. 

Can I help?

Donate directly -  paypal.me/olivesplacesanctuary

Learn more about what the sanctuary needs and view our How You Can Help page 

Buy Art / Help Birds - Shop the online gallery

What We Don't Do

Olive's Place is specialized ONLY for pigeons and doves. It is an independent entity not affiliated formally with other organizations or individuals, and does not receive public funding. We work solely on behalf of the birds we serve.

We do not rehabilitate wildlife or give advice about other animals. 

We are unable to search for and catch birds. 

We do not purchase, sell, breed, or ship birds.